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After Spending 328 consecutive days in Space, Christina is Back on Earth!

by Rahat Hameed
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Christina Koch returned from the International Space Station early Thursday morning, which also included astronauts Akia and Luka Bermanto and Russian pioneer Alexander Scototus. The trio moved to the International Space Station from the Suez Casino around 1 pm. 00:50. EST and safe soil, as shown in. 16:12. EST in Kazakhstan.

What did Christina Koch do?

Description Christina Hammock Koch is an American engineer and NASA astronaut in the 2013 semester. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in science – one in electrical engineering and another in physics and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University.

She is the world’s first woman and the second person in the world to stay for the longest time in space.

How old is Christina Koch?

Christina Koch is 41 years old and her date of birth is January 29, 1979.

How long has Christina Koch been in space?

It got its first spacecraft, a long-term mission on the International Space Station, in 2018. Christina was part of three missions, namely Expedition 59 and 60, and the Expedition 61, that held from October 2019 and set to remain in orbit until February 2020.

The Koch flight was important because it set a record, which officially made it the American astronaut with the second-longest stay in space with 328 consecutive days on the station. It comes second after Scott Kelly, who spent 340 days in space, and is officially the woman who lives the longest period in space around the world, where she achieved the record of US astronaut Peggy Whitson, which is 289 days.

Koch and her fellow astronauts all looked fine on landing, but would get the usual medical check-up shared by all returning astronauts before returning home. Koch’s scientific mission is not completed now that she has returned. Participates in NASA space research that will pave the way for further trips into the Solar System, including the Moon and Mars, as part of the agency’s Artemis program.

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