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Best Holiday Destination 2020 is Pakistan! Says UK Travel Agency

by Rahat Hameed
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Are you thinking to make your “Happy New Year” even happier and wondering what’s the Best Holiday Destination 2020? CN Traveller is a UK travel agency and magazine that provides a piece of handsome information regarding travel, best holiday destinations and very innovative ideas to flourish your life.

Pakistan is #1 Best Holiday Destination 2020

Recently, they published an article on their website where they mentioned the Top 20 Best Holiday destinations in the world for upcoming New year 2020. And I along with the public of Pakistan feels proud to see Pakistan at the #1 position in this list.

Condé Nast Traveller UK is a UK Travel Agency and Yes, they ranked Pakistan at the Top position.

They enlisted the top 20 destinations from the entire of the world in their beautiful list that includes many beautiful places. Gladly, Pakistan was able to deserve the first position!

They added:

This remarkable country is finally getting the focus it deserves.

Top 20 Best Holiday Destination 2020 – by CNTraveller

Besides that, it is worthy to mention that magnificent landscapes in Pakistan, greenish nature of our valleys that are covered with Mountains are beautiful enough to capture the eyes of anybody who just look for calm and peace. Proudly, CN Traveller admits that Pakistan is a place of such beautiful landscapes, green spaces, heartwarming looks of mountains.

In fact, it is said that Pakistan has taller peaks than its neighbours like China and Nepal combined.

Best Places to Visit in Pakistan:

  • Shandur Pass (which is considered as the highest world’s highest polo ground and often called as ‘Roof of the World’.
  • Hindu Kush (which is Famous for cowrie-shell headdresses and shining embroidery.
  • Badshahi Mosque (They added: watching 100,000 worshippers in a single sight there will leave you breathless.
  • Mughal-era Architectures (Well, who can forget those – they bring life to our books)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also coming to visit Pakistan this Autumn.

Pakistan heartily welcomes you.

Having said that, I want to say Thanks to CNTraveller for honouring Pakistan with such an awesome award by listing us as #1 Best Holiday Destination for 2020.

See all the details and complete article on CNTraveller website

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